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Financial advisor Prescott, ArizonaFinancial Planning:

Financial planning is complicated. There are implications to consider beyond just how to invest your money. Every decision made will impact your finances in some way. At Freedom Point Financial Services, Inc. we work with you to understand how your decisions will affect you now and in the future. We use an extensive process to assess your current financial situation, the resources available and your financial goals for today, the future and everything in-between.

Information considered when assessing your financial situation:

Short and Long Term Goals • Risk Tolerance • Cash Flow Management • Emergency Planning • Risk Management & Insurance • Retirement Savings & Income Needs • Estate Planning • Tax Planning • College Planning •  Social Security Planning • Retirement Income Planning • Business Structure • Employee Benefits Package


retirement planning | Prescott, Arizona | Chino Valley, Arizona | Prescott Valley, Arizona

Retirement Income Planning:

Most Americans focus on the size of their retirement account. Although, most don’t understand how to properly turn that money into a steady stream of income. Our process can help you address the critical areas of retirement income planning, such as how much income is needed, how to coordinate income sources with your social security, and how much money to withdraw.



Medicare / Social Security Strategies | Prescott, Arizona | Chino Valley, Arizona | Prescott Valley, Arizona

Social Security Planning:

As you approach retirement questions will arise about Social Security. How much will I receive? When should I take my Social Security? How do I maximize my benefit? How is Social Security taxed? We can help you address these questions. Through our process, we develop a Social Security strategy that compliments your retirement income planning.

We currently provide Financial Planning services in Phoenix and Prescott, Arizona. We also service clients in many states across the country. Contact us today for a complimentary financial consultation.


Products Offered:

To assist our clients in achieving their goals we offer a wide variety of products and services from some of the most trusted companies in the industry:

Brokerage & Cash Management Accounts • IRA & Roth IRA • 401(k) Rollovers • Unit Investment Trusts • Limited Partnerships • Managed Portfolios • Fixed Annuities • Fixed Index Annuities • Variable Annuities • Life Insurance • Disability Insurance • Health Insurance • Long Term Care Insurance • Critical Illness Insurance